Don't Try This at Home: First-Person Perspective Puts You in the Extreme Action

February 24, 2012

This post was authored by Will Goodman, managing editor of's The Feed, for a YouTube Trends series exploring viral video phenomena.

Action sports are booming. BASE Jumpers can make national headlines and snowboarders can become Olympic gold-medalists.It's fair to say we are in a golden-age of extreme sports. And with the rise of the Go Pro sports cameras and others like them, the action has never felt more real on YouTube.

Much like the title, do not try to emulate these videos at home. Or outside. Or in any context whatsoever. But do make sure to have a lot of fun engaging in the experiences vicariously. That’s the whole point.

While the above video is a clear example of a professional, Marcelo Gutierrez, showing us what he sees and does while engaging in an urban biking competition, the great part of this growing trend is that it’s not just limited to the pros. Everyone is starting to share their first-person perspective experiences and the range of action you can find on YouTube seems to know no bounds.

A simple bicycle ride through the mountains doesn't look so simple when you're strapped to the helmet. Okay, so this bike ride isn't so simple no matter where you're standing. But in first-person we get the rush of the ride without the whole worry of getting injured, maimed or killed. And in high-definition too!

Big in India: The Singapore JK Wedding Dance?

One of 2009's most famous viral videos -- and a clip that you've certainly seen -- was the "JK Wedding Dance." The marital entrance, which was set to Chris Brown's "Forever" and captured at Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz's nuptials at a Minnesotta church, was a massive hit that's now been seen over 70 millian times.

Now, this week, one of the most-viewed and most-shared videos in India is some footage captured at a wedding in Singapore. Rather than Chris Brown, this wedding march, which took place at the Sree MahaMariamman Temple on February 12th, appears to be set to music from some Tamil-language Indian action-comedy films.

Either way, the reaction is essentially the same for the audience.

Facebook Parenting: The Most Discussed Video of the Week

February 17, 2012

At this point, most of us have seen the controversial and most-discussed video of the past week: "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen." But not everyone may realize the speed in which it took off.

The clip, which first spread last Thursday, hit 11 million views at its peak last Friday alone. For reference, that's almost double the spike last year's most viewed video, Rebecca Black's "Friday," saw when it first spiked with 6 million views in a single day.

The video picked up over 215,000 comments in one week and it remains one of our Most Shared videos.

The video caused such a stir that over 1,000 videos tagged "facebook parenting" have been posted this week, some serious and some... a bit more humorous.

Local Internet Boy Makes Good, and Other Talking Animal Stories

This post was authored by Bailey Johnson of's The Feed for a YouTube Trends series exploring viral video phenomena.

It’s always fun when the big boys in old media notice the Internet. When Hollywood executives deign to notice the little people here online, someone always goes home happy. Or if not happy, at least with a little more padding in their wallet. Today, that someone is Andrew Grantham, creator of his own Talking Animals channel and producer of the second most-watched clip of 2011 (after Rebecca Black's "Friday"): “Ultimate Dog Tease.”

You’ve seen it haven’t you? So have over 94 million other people.

Oh man, it’s so great. I’ve watched this video many, many times (I’m not the only one, right? Right?) So it’s thrilling to hear that “Ultimate Dog Tease” is currently being developed into a feature film by Paramount Studios. How exactly they plan on turning an 80-second long clip into a full length movie is anyone’s guess. But it got us thinking: what other talking animals should get the Hollywood treatment?

Tributes: Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

February 13, 2012

With the sad news of vocalist Whitney Houston's passing this weekend, many long-time fans came to YouTube to remember her and seek out her best-known music videos.

Her talents made her a favorite of musicians with many young, aspiring singers finding inspiration in her skills and powerful, emotional voice. In the particular, her song "I Will Always Love You" has remained a standby and, while it's certainly a difficult song to nail, many talented fans have posted their own takes on this hit in tribute over the past two days. We've collected just 10 of them in the playlist below.

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

The city of Dubai also paid tribute to her using the song in a display over the weekend orchestrated using their famed fountain.

It's a song that has traditionally commanded a great deal of respect for those who can perform it well, making it incredibly popular on television talent programs for years. Taiwan's Lin Hu Chung might have the most famous version around the web. He became an international sensation when his performance spread across the world in 2010:

'Linsanity' on the Rise on YouTube

The NBA's newest star, NY Knick guard Jeremy Lin, has drawn the attention of sports fans around the globe, and his stellar play of late has caused big spike in YT searches, making his name one of the top rising search terms, globally, on YouTube last week.

Lin's stardom hit its highest thus far over the weekend, with much of the interest in the 23-year-old coming from New York and San Francisco as well as internationally from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Lin highlights on the NBA's channel have been seen over 1.5 million times this month and countless fan videos and even rap songs.

The last athlete we saw reach this level of popularity this quickly was LA Clipper Blake Griffin, whose high-flying dunks are still a big draw.

Most Viewed Ads So Far After the Big Game ...and Before

February 09, 2012

It's time to check back in on the data and see which ads from Sunday's big Giants' win were the most popular among fans of football (and commercials). We looked at all the videos posted in the past month by advertisers who ran spots during the game to find out which teasers, previews, ads, and extended cuts drew the most attention before AND after.

Top 10 Most viewed commercials before Sunday (Playlist)

(May take a moment to load.)

What about after the game? Which ads drew the most views on gameday and the next morning? Find out...

What Were People Searching for on YouTube During the Game?

February 06, 2012

Each year, YouTube sees a big spike in ad-related searches during and after the Super Bowl as sports fans -- and non-sports-fans -- check out the game's most memorable commercials.

Over the first half of the 2012's game, top rising searches included "bud light platinum commercial," "OKGo needing getting" (a new music video previewed by Chevrolet) and "m&m commercial," a reference to the spot that introduced the Ms. Brown character.

Heading into the fourth quarter, "Doritos superbowl commercial" and "David Beckham superbowl commercial" were trending.

Other top searches we saw late in the game: "clint eastwood commercial" and "betty white super bowl commercial." Afterward, Samsung's ad caused a spike in searches for "i believe in a thing called love."

Over the weekend, Chevy's Mayan "end of the world" ad titled "2012" became a top trending video and was one of the most-shared and most-viewed clips.

As we noted last week, 2012 has seen a pre-Super Bowl ad bonanza, with many of the top commercials either being teased or posted in-full well in advance of the game. In fact, Super Bowl ads or "ad teasers" were watched over 30 million times on YouTube before the big weekend this year.

In 2011, Volkswagon's ad "The Force" went viral before the game and picked up roughly 10 million views heading into the big day. Seeming to build off that trend, the pre-Super Bowl activity we saw in 2012 was even higher and spread across significantly more brands.

Latest Trending Videos: Week of Feb 4

February 05, 2012

Ads, swarms, flips, and dunks: here are 10 of this week's top trending videos from YouTube Trends:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

Modern 'Partridge Families' Sing and Play Their Hearts out on YouTube

February 03, 2012

This post was authored by Will Goodman, managing editor of's The Feed, for a YouTube Trends series exploring viral video phenomena.

If we’ve learned anything from watching “The Partridge Family” growing up, it’s that the family that sings together, stays together. Okay, so if you’re like me you probably didn’t watch the actual show growing up and may have simply caught the occasional rerun episode on Nickelodeon. And, yes, they were actors and not a real family, but that doesn’t mean the lesson doesn’t ring true. Just look what’s happening on YouTube.

This video of Dicken Schrader and his two children, Milah and Korben, accompanying him in an amazing cover of Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” is just the most recent example of what is becoming a hit-maker online – families coming together to perform covers on YouTube. But like any trend you have to try and hone in on where it all began. In this case, it really can be pinpointed to one major and easily recognizable moment...

Top Rising Search: 'Don Cornelius'

February 01, 2012

With word of his passing at age 75, "Soul Train" host Don Cornelius has become the top rising search on YouTube Wednesday afternoon as music fans of all ages seek out video of the long-time broadcaster.

On it's YouTube channel, "Soul Train" has a number of classic interviews conducted by Cornelius with some of music's biggest stars through the 1970s and 80s that remind us of his work and of the dance music that surrounded him.

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)