About YouTube Trends

Created by YouTube, YouTube Trends is the destination for the latest trending videos and video trends on YouTube and a resource for daily insight into what’s happening in web video.

By making use of viewership data and aggregating the wisdom of top curators across the web, YouTube Trends surfaces popular videos in real time, and provides a blog of broader trends developing within the YouTube community.

The site is also a laboratory for new tools to help us identify and understand trends across YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is YouTube Trends meant for?

YouTube trends is meant for anyone who wants to know what’s popular on YouTube right now. Because it takes a look at both trends that emerge on YouTube and videos that reflect broader cultural trends, we believe the site will be particularly useful for media organizations looking to cover the cultural and political zeitgeist through web video.

Why is YouTube doing this?

Since the launch of YouTube more than five years ago, we’ve marvelled at the way people use YouTube to not only reflect upon the signs of our times, but also to create and disseminate new cultural, artistic and political phenomena through web video. Viewership data on YouTube provides us with a great look at what’s happening on the site, but until now, we haven’t had one place where we can highlight the unique trends developing organically within the community. We created YouTube Trends because we wanted a single destination where media organizations and YouTube aficionados could see a concentrated cross-section of the daily conversation that unfolds on YouTube.

What are "Trending Videos?"

"Trending Videos" are videos that have become popular because they were embedded in the web’s most popular websites and a significant number of people viewed the video externally in addition to on youtube.com.

How do you get your demographic information?

We are able to determine age and gender demographics of a video's audience solely based on the information reported by registered, logged-in users in their YouTube account profiles. We do not track the usernames that view specific videos, and we do not release information about individual users.

How do I know when there’s a new post to YouTube Trends?

In addition to our “4 at 4” daily email of top trending videos, you can subscribe to our RSS feed to see the latest headlines from YouTube Trends.

Why does this site look different than YouTube.com?

YouTube Trends uses new tools, feeds, and strategies that are completely unique. We’ve developed a new interface that’s streamlined for those purposes and designed specifically for displaying trending videos and concepts in a dynamic fashion.

How can I suggest a trend to be included on YouTube Trends?

Trends tips are welcomed and should be tweeted at @youtubetrends.