Trendsmas Recap: 2010's Top Videos

December 24, 2010

It was 12 days ago that we officially launched YouTube Trends to the world. And each day since, we've been sharing lists of the top trends and videos from the year that was, spanning nearly every major genre and category in online video.

Here's a quick recap of the many top 10 lists we put out showing 2010's best and most popular...

  1. Sports Videos
    News & Politics Videos
    Movie Trailers

  2. Parodies

  3. Non-Profit Videos

  4. Tech Culture Videos

  5. Hip-hop Music Videos

  6. Vehicle and Automobile Videos
  1. Animal Clips

  2. Most Discussed Videos

  3. Short Films

  4. 'People' Videos

  5. International Music Videos

  6. Holiday Videos
So, a Merry Trendsmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

(Note: We'll be back to tracking trends all next week, so be sure to check in Monday for more interesting videos and video trends!)