Top 10 Animal Videos of 2010

December 19, 2010

So we've looked at the top 10 videos in sports, news, trailers, parody, non-profit, hip-hop, tech culture, and vehicles as we continue our countdown to Christmas. So today, we look at the top 10 family-friendly pet and animal videos of the year in the U.S.

Though this list only contains videos of real-life pets and animals, by far the most popular animated cat was "Simon's Cat," created by Simon Tofield. Tofield's shorts -- such as "The Box," "Snow Business," and "Santa Claws" -- drew a whopping 51 million views in 2010.

Other memorable pets that just missed our list include Inception Cat, DJ Kitty, OMG Cat, and, of course, Salsa Dog. And though it appeared in our "comedy" category rather than our "pets and animals" one, these two cats playing patty-cake also made a splash.

(May take a moment to load.)

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