Meet the YouTube Trending tab

December 09, 2015

Today, in addition to revealing the year's top trends with YouTube Rewind, we also unveil a new way to follow these hot videos and memes as they develop: the YouTube Trending tab.

Just as YouTube Rewind 2015 celebrates the biggest clips, creators, songs, and memes of the year, the Trending tab offers a way to see the videos people are watching, discussing, and sharing each and every day via a feed in your YouTube desktop and mobile app. From the most-anticipated new trailers to the hottest music videos to viral clips from the biggest (and smallest) YouTube creators, the Trending tab showcases a wide range of popular and buzzworthy content from across the world of video.

Trending Tab Android.png

Trending Tab on Android

The Trending tab is available globally and updates throughout the day with the latest spiking clips. Deeper than just a list of videos with the most views, this daily feed captures newsworthy or otherwise notable videos receiving rapid rises in viewership and generating discussion both on and off YouTube. We're also adding features, starting in Android, that help you find trending videos in key genres and topics like Music, Gaming, and News.

Never miss a pizza rat, "Nae Nae" dance, or Drake parody ever again.

Kevin Allocca and the YouTube Trends team