Trending This Week: Ed Sheeran Can’t Stop Being a Dreamboat, and Ron Howard Takes Over YouTube [AGAIN]!

June 19, 2015

Ed Sheeran Just Can’t Stop Surprising Fans

Ed Sheeran, you’ve done it again you beautiful dreamboat. This week, after hearing someone performing his song while shopping in a Canadian mall, Sheeran went to investigate, surprising 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau with an impromptu duet of “Thinking Out Loud.” With 6.6 million views to date, the video shot by Sheeran’s cousin is just one of many capturing the personal, kind deeds of the Irish singer including his wedding performances, duets, and messages to hospitalized superfans. While people didn’t need more of a reason to love Sheeran -- “Thinking Out Loud” has become the wedding song of 2014/2015 and after 36 weeks, still sits on the Billboard top 100 list -- it’s these very down-to-earth, human moments that endear him to his audience.

Just Two Bros Playing Frisbee

It’s the combination of this pair’s confusion about Frisbee, coupled with the fact that no one else at the beach seems to appreciate their athleticism, that has lead to this video’s rise to fame. The hilarious video of two Bosnian men engrossed in what they believe to be a game of beach Frisbee has delighted the hearts of nearly 1.5 million viewers who can now take this unique sport and share it with the rest of the world.

Ghost Busting Goes British in New Short Film

After seven years of making short sketches on YouTube, comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs have branched into the world of short film with “Ghost Hunting Corporation.” The short follows two best friends who hire a mysterious ghost hunter to evict a messy spirit from their flat. Over the years, Jack and Dean have become huge influences in the U.K. creator community and through YouTube, gone on to host live comedy shows and a BBC radio show. The short is part of the Incubator series from New Form Digital, a studio founded by Ron Howard that assists classes of YouTube filmmakers in producing their dream short films. Nine other filmmakers were part of this class including Wong Fu, Tim H, Ben Cook, and Arden Rose, who each released their own film. The most popular to date among the program has been Kick the PJ’s “Oscar’s Hotel,” which is now in production for a full Vimeo series.

Dinosaurs Make Awful Pets

All I’m saying is, never turn your back on a dinosaur and a box of cereal. Coinciding with the premiere of “Jurassic World,” this short dinosaur sketch is one of the most popular of this week and the first video from the channel “We Have a Dinosaur” gained an audience of 1.6 million views. These past two weeks leading up to the “Jurassic World” release have seen a huge upswing in dinosaur-themed content with science facts with Vsauce and Chris Pratt, dinosaur experts rating dino toys, easter eggs, science lessons, piano covers, and of course, a parody by Cookie Monster.

--Carly Lanning