Moog: Another Crop of Musical Doodle Videos

May 23, 2012

Today, Google shared a tribute to Robert "Bob" Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, with a playable, interactive homepage doodle that actually allowed you to create and record tunes.

Much like Les Paul's birthday doodle, music fans globally have begun editing and posting video versions of their creations. Nearly 1,000 "Moog" videos were posted to YouTube by early Wednesday evening.

Perhaps the most elaborate comes from musician Brett Domino who took on Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic"

A Japanese musician took on the overture from "Dragon Quest" in this video that's been very popular on Twitter:

Some took it slow and soulful:

While others have gone for pure speed:

(A group pals from Italy even took on Van Halen's "Jump.")

And it wouldn't be a musical trend on YouTube at this point if SOMEONE didn't make this cover:

Moog's chief engineer created a clip discussing the doodle, which you can check out here.
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