2012's First Big Trend: 'S*** ___ Say'

January 13, 2012

Whether you've been spending lots of time on YouTube or checking out your social media feeds, one video trend seems to be completely inescapable in 2012: the "S*** __ Say" trend.

It's one that started back in 2011, with the "S*** Girls Say" series, which launched on December 12th. Episode one, below, has over 10 million views and overall the videos on the channel have over 17 million total views.

The series was so popular -- and simple in concept -- that it spawned all manner of parodies and remakes. We can now estimate that there are well over 500 instances of these videos on YouTube from the past month.

The topics vary from ethnicity to career to other social commentaries. Some people have been using them to promote their businesses as well. The playlist below contains a handful of diverse examples, some popular, some controversial.

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

The most recent hit in the trend has been "S*** Nobody Says," a natural evolution that's now been seen close to 2 million times in the past week.