On the Scene: 'Occupy' Portland, Oakland

November 14, 2011

YouTube continues to see footage uploaded from various "Occupy Wall Street"-related protests around the United States and around the world. Over 20,000 videos tagged "occupy" have been uploaded in the past month, and though not all of them were related to this movement, many were, including a batch of new videos from the west coast, a few samples of which are available below:

The Oregonian created this video capturing the scene in Portland on November 13 as law enforcement encountered large crowds:

This video, which is captured from the perspective of the protesters, depicts a dramatic confrontation between police and demonstrators over the weekend:

(Another video showing the scene last night here.)

This morning, police reportedly raided the camp in Oakland and took down tents, some of which had been there for weeks. We're starting to see a number of videos coming in from the area. Here's some arial footage of the action:

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