Intensity, Drama Continue in Newest 'Occupy' Videos

November 07, 2011

There was more activity on YouTube this weekend around videos from the "Occupy Wall Street" protests and related demonstrations in the United States.

Perhaps the most intense recent video was filmed mid-last week, but was posted Saturday, depicting a lone photographer apparently shot directly with a rubber bullet by an Oakland officer. The video began spreading in earnest Sunday when it was posted on social bookmarking site Reddit.

Warning: Adult Language.

Meanwhile, a number of videos were posted this weekend from the "Occupy" protests in Atlanta, Georgia, including this video which purports to show demonstrators getting physical with a motorcycled police officer:

But not all the videos coming from Wall Street have been quite as dramatic. Another popular video from the weekend -- it's been viewed over 200,000 times shows the confrontation between a police horse and a tiny dog that goes a little differently...

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