Halloween Trends: Light Shows; Costumes from 2009?

October 28, 2011

Given that Halloween is one of the more colorful, creative holidays, its not surprising that we're seeing so many videos its inspired hitting YouTube. Tens of thousands of Halloween-related videos have been uploaded in the past week or so, some of which have millions of views.

Some of the most popular costume videos this year were these two similar clips of a "kidnapper" style costume. Oddly enough, they were both posted in 2009, but are suddenly seeing hundreds of thousands of views in 2011 after being featured on pop-culture sites. (It's been a big year for 2009 Halloween videos. Here's another.)

Costumes are great, but the trending Halloween video of the year is definitely this clip from some inventive California homeowners, which delivered an amazing synchronized light show to the tune of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." It's drawn over 3.5 million views so far and the most common search terms on YouTube this week associated with the word "Halloween" were "light show."

The Riverside home got some notice last Halloween when its "Thriller" video was seen nearly one million times.

There are actually quite a few other light shows that have also drawn interest this year, like this one synched up with "Crazy Train."

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