English-Language with German Lens

October 21, 2011

DJ Flula, a self-identified musician from Erlangen, Germany living in the United States, had a small viral hit during the last basketball season: "Dirk Novitski, German Moses." But this October, his channel has shot up in popularity for the personal blogs he's created (at odd hours of the day).

Flula's series of humorous reactions to strange English-language/American nomenclature and turns of phrase have received lots of attention of late on pop culture sites and blogs, and his vlogs have made appearances on our Trending videos feeds. His thoughts on "shooting fish in a barrel" have been seen over half a million times, and his rant on "daddy-long legs" three-quarters of a million.

In October, Flula's clips, which put a very funny lens on some commonplace terms, have drawn over 2.2 million views. Some of which, like this analysis of Rock, Paper, Scissors, have beens seen hundreds of thousands of times.