What They're Watching: Lacey the Alpaca

September 06, 2011

This post was authored by Michelle Castillo as a part of a YouTube Trends series exploring the videos being watched this week by the team at What's Trending.

Interspecies mingling proves that we can all get along. After all, if this alpaca with hot pink nails can nuzzle a kitten, well then peace between people is surely possible.

In honor of pro-interspecies amicable relations, here’s our favorite co-mingling animals doing what they do best: Looking cute and playing together.

Llama loves kitten? Here’s a kitten loving a llama right back at you (and some weird chicken that’s just chilling on the South American animal.)

Everyone loves NYPD horses, but this NYPD horse has eyes for no one but this bulldog.

This dog is living out that fantasy dolphin swim that most of us dream of doing.

And, proving that even natural enemies can get along, here’s a snake and a hamster that share the same cage because they’re friends.

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