Extreme Summer Sports Week on Trends?

September 02, 2011

As summer comes to a close this week -- here in the U.S. at least -- we've spotted several big-trending summer action sport videos popping up among our most popular videos. These three in particular were trending over the past few days and remain among our most-viewed videos today.

On Monday, RedBull released this video of some bold surfers who hooked up flares to their boards to ride the waves. It was seen over 600,000 times this week.

This was one of two surfing videos to draw a lot of attention this week. The other was this Phantom HD footage from billabong of one of the world's most dangerous waves.

Tuesday, Devin Graham of devinsupertramp posted this clip of some totally crazy suped-up slip-n-sliding, which drew nearly 1 million views.

And on Wednesday, skate video filmmaker Nigel Alexander posted video of 10-year-old skateboarder Rene Serrano, a montage that's already got nearly 500,000 views: