What They're Watching: Amazing Freestyle Soccer Tricks

August 30, 2011

This post was authored by Michelle Castillo as a part of a YouTube Trends series exploring the videos being watched this week by the team at What's Trending.

They may not make millions, but there’s budding sports stars all over the world with amazing skills that will never be featured on the professional courts.

This street performer uses his surroundings and acrobatic abilities to show off all his soccer ball skills. While you won’t need to climb up a pole in the middle of the pitch, his athleticism is still impressive.

Here are other marvelous athletic feats for you to watch from the comfort of your own computer. Who says you need to buy tickets to the game to enjoy sports?

We don’t want to know the hours of practice that went into making all these shots… and how many
outtakes there must have been to create this compilation.

Dude perfect one upped the beer pong team with these amazing basketball trick shots:

Here’s how to impress people at the local bar:

Who says only boys can pull of great trick shots? Here’s one girl dropping three soccer balls in a trash can.

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