Enjoying the 'Once in a Lifetime Snowstorm'

Snow landed in downtown Auckland Monday for the first time since the 1930s in what some are calling a "once-in-a-lifetime event." Up to two feet of snow was reportedly measured in some parts of New Zealand in what, for that country, is a very unusual blizzard.

Videos have been coming in of the strange weather from New Zealand, including this peaceful short film from Wellington that's the most-shared video in that country today:

As other videos show, the snow became quite heavy in some places.

Over 500 New Zealand snow videos have been posted this week, some of which are among the most-viewed overall there. Many of the videos are coming from Auckland, where excited Kiwis ran outside to enjoy and capture the uncommon snowfall. Below you can see a sample of 10 videos from people who clearly don't get to see snow very often:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

Contrast that with the reaction of some Americans in the Southeast this past winter.

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