Fans Seek Out Winehouse Videos Following Singer's Passing

July 25, 2011

News of Amy Winehouse's untimely passing prompted music fans -- and others looking to learn more about the singer -- to seek out some of the 27 year old's most popular songs this weekend, according to YouTube's viewing and search data.

The top rising search on YouTube of the past week is, in fact, "amy winehouse rehab," the 2006-2007 hit single. Before this weekend, the largest previous spike in searches for "winehouse" on YouTube, came in June, when video leaked of a disastrous performance the star delivered in Belgrade.

Official videos of "Rehab" were watched around 6.5 million times over the weekend, while other songs like "Back to Black" and "You Know I'm No Good" were seen over 4 million times each.

The chart below shows the dramatic rise in views Saturday, when reports first spread.

More videos are available here.