What They're Watching: Kids React

June 07, 2011

This post was authored by Bailey Johnson as a part of a YouTube Trends series exploring the videos being watched this week by the team at What's Trending.

In these troubled times, with war, recession and natural disasters in the news seemingly every day, it's hard to know where to turn. Everyone wants to know: who has the answers? Where can I turn to for advice and good news? As with so many things, the answers lie in the hearts and minds of children. Their innocent eyes and pure emotions can provide new depth to any situation.

They can be pretty damn sassy, though.

Benny and Rafi Fine - also known as The Fine Bros - have perfected their own unique genre of entertainment in their web series "Kids React." What will the gang of kids think about Rebecca Black? Charlie Sheen? Nyan Cat?

Let's take a quick tour through some "Kids React" vids and find out.

Kids talk about babies talking. It's like falling down a generational rabbit hole.

Mostly forgotten in all the uproar of Rebecca Black's notorious "Friday" song is the fact that people were rocking that track over and over for weeks. The kids give a surprisingly mixed review to Ms. Black.

Would you like to hear some thoughts on Harry Potter from people who weren't even born when the first book came out? I thought so.

YouTube stud Freddie Wong is a lover, a fighter and a charmer. Sort of. But do his dashing good looks and devil-may-care bravado work on the younger generation? Sort of.

It's not all viral videos and pop stars for these tykes. The Fine Bros didn't shy away from one of the biggest stories of the year, they dove in kid-first. The precocious kids have a surprisingly mature take on the fall out from Osama bin Laden's death. Although, after watching these videos, we shouldn't be surprised about anything that comes out of a kid's mouth.

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