What They're Watching: PSN Is Back

May 17, 2011

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The moment you've been waiting for is here: Playstation Network is back.

Sony is unrolling a massive apology package including free games, movie rentals and 100 free virtual items, but users are breathing a sign of relief now that they can get back online. The culprit? According to the International Business Times, Amazon's cloud-based EC2 was utilized hackers to break the system.

While we stretch our fingers in preparation for our marathon sessions, here's our favorite gaming-themed videos to get our minds in the mood

First, here's the official announcement from Sony's top man Kazuo Hirai. We'll hold for your gleeful applause.

We're hoping none of you reacted to the gaming drought like this kid.

Don't take your rage out on your TV either.

Remember, we're all out there to have fun: No griefing -- at least for the first few days.

And, try to draw out the fun. Don't rush through the experience just because you're so grateful PSN is back.

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