4 in the Afternoon: Mechanical Mute Face

May 31, 2011

Twice each day we scan our YouTube metrics as well as websites on the cutting edge of internet culture to discover the most buzzed about videos.
The Mute Button Tesla Poker Face To Catch a Thief Mechanical Juggling
  1. For their latest stunt, Improv Everywhere pranksters take to Park Slope, Brooklyn for coordinated muteness. As seen on Daily What.
  2. A 2010 video that's recently seen a spike in viewership of a Tesla coil playing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." As seen on Gizmodo.
  3. Homeowners are easily able to identify the pet that has infiltrated their trash. As seen on Neatorama.
  4. Apparently, the mechanical juggling of 5 balls is the most difficult to pull off, but this machine from the Czech Republic appears to have accomplished it. As seen on Hackaday.