A Brief Essay on the Chronograph's Impact as It Relates to the Current State of Popular Mediums

April 01, 2011

In honor of YouTube's 100-year anniversary today, we've excerpted below a portion of one of our earliest YouTube Trend's posts, which was originally posted in 1911:

Salutations and welcome to YouTube Trends, a daily register of the top most-enjoyed reels that are also most commonly handed from one person to another in the local square or mailed by horseback courier to acquaintances in nearby townships.

You might have heard rumblings about the famed French engineer with a newfangled invention he calls the Chronophone, which synchronizes moving pictures with sound. It’s a humdinger of an idea.

Will this new fad become the latest standard? It's hard to determine, as there appears to remain a widespread concern over both image clarity and flammability, neither of which meet the quality benchmarks that YouTube has set for itself.

We expect that production specialists will stay the course, particularly following our announcement that YouTube will not be supporting the Chronophone at this time, but instead will continue to employ phonographs.

On an additional note, it is worth an added mention that YouTube Trends-branded swimsuits can still be ordered through telegram! This despite the effect on textile imports that Italy's declaration of war on the Ottoman Empire has had.