4 in the Morning: Mario Zombinator

April 05, 2011

Twice each day we scan our YouTube metrics as well as websites on the cutting edge of internet culture to discover the most buzzed about videos.
The Governator Road Debris Million Zombie March Mario Themed Gym
  1. Drawing a lot of twitter activity after the Governator himself sent out the link, the trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's new cartoon show is seeing its online debut. As seen on Mashable.
  2. This startling video of a highway accident involving some roadside debris might be fake, but it's stirring up a lot of conversation and appearing on our Most Shared and Trending Videos lists. Real or fake, the uploader claims the driver was unharmed. Update: Here's a report from KSL in Salt Lake City.
  3. A group of undead demonstrators marched on Wisconsin's capitol against Gov. Walker over the weekend. As seen on Daily Wh.at.
  4. A look inside a new "freerunning" training facility featuring some incredible stunts by the Tempest Freerunning Academy. As seen on BuzzFeed.
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