4 in the Morning: Libya, Chelsea, and Highway 1

April 25, 2011

Twice each day we scan our YouTube metrics as well as websites on the cutting edge of internet culture to discover the most buzzed about videos.
Battle in Libya Chelsea Guitars Highway 1 Freestyle Drunk Valet
  1. This video, which is drawing attention on Twitter, goes inside a dramatic gunfight purported to have taken place during the liberation of a technical sciences college in Misrata, Libya. (Graphic images.)
  2. This guitar shop performance by a young singer-songwriter named Brendan MacFarlane was posted in 2010, but is drawing new attention after it was tweeted by Alyssa Milano.
  3. According to a Redditor who posted it, this homeless man regularly performs poetry for money on a stretch of California beach. (Contains some adult language.)
  4. Brazilian Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz created this anti-drunk driving PSA with a hidden camera and a funny actor. As seen on BuzzFeed.