4 in the Morning: Dark Fargo Egg

April 12, 2011

Twice each day we scan our YouTube metrics as well as websites on the cutting edge of internet culture to discover the most buzzed about videos.
If You Only Knew Fargo Ocean Sariah Joins Vader Eggception
  1. One of the more unique Justin Bieber tributes you'll likely see is this performance by Jasmin Alvarez of an original song she wrote hoping to meet the popstar. It has been gradually growing in views since February, but is now starting to take off. As seen on VVVs.
  2. 60 miles of road were washed over in North Dakota this weekend when the Red River flooded creating this Waterworld scene. As seen on Jalopnik.
  3. Drawing lots of attention on Twitter is this video of a little girl in an amusement park turning to the Dark Side.
  4. This strange "egg within an egg" clip was very popular in Japan in early March and is now making its way to the United States. As seen on BuzzFeed.