Tsunami Videos Draw Views Throughout the Weekend

March 14, 2011

Nearly all of the weekend's Most Shared and top Trending videos were related to the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred Friday in Japan. Today, seven out of our top 10 Trending Topics are related to the disaster.

Initially, we were seeing an influx of video from the earthquake itself, with many of those videos rapidly accruing thousands of views. As more video became available of the tsunami itself, clips of the damage caused by the raging water were heavily shared and embedded on a variety of blogs -- among them were both dramatic clips from Japan as well as on-the-scene footage of the earthquake's effects in Hawaii and the west coast of the United States.

The tsunami arrives at the city of Iwaki, JapanThe view from inside Sendai Airport.

Both of these clips purport to show the tsunami reaching Kona, Hawaii:

Another video reportedly showing the tsunami reaching Emeryville, CA also drew significant attention.