Young & Old Viewer Case Study: What's Predictable and What's Not

February 11, 2011

YouTube Trends ran an informal case study today to see how much the 10 Most Viewed videos varied between teenagers (13-17 year olds) and the 55-64 crowd* using our Trends Dashboard. Here's what we found:

The trailer/music video for Justin Bieber's new movie (below) and Your Favorite Martian's "Zombie Love Son" video were in the top ten for young viewers in the United States, while This footage of drivers struggling with snow on an Arkansas road and some tips... were in the top ten for the older viewers.

One video that was near the top for both: the trailer for Just Go With It, which, despite prominently featuring Brooklyn Decker in a bikini, is popular with both genders.

*Demographic data based on logged-in, self-reported info