NBA's All-Star Weekend: Griffin and Bieber

February 22, 2011

NBA highlight videos now regularly appear among our Most Shared on YouTube and so it was not surprising to see a rise in YouTube activity around this weekend's All-Star festivities.

Videos on the NBA's YouTube channel were viewed over 5 million times on Sunday, the biggest spike in views ever for the league's channel. The biggest star of the weekend was definitely Blake Griffin, who's drawn a huge YouTube following this season with his regular, highlight-ready in-game dunks, a phenomenon we examined at the start of the new year. Griffin took home the crown from the ever-popular dunk contest Saturday night after leaping over a Kia for the winning jam.

Griffin's clips drew the most overall views of any player -- over 2.62 million views total -- though, there was one person whose video could draw more views than even the NBA's most exciting player on All-Star weekend...

The highlight reel of Justin Bieber's Celebrity All-Star game performance drew over 1.12 million views, the most of any NBA All-Star Game video thus far. Both Griffin and Bieber are among the most searched celebrities on YouTube in their respective fields, sports and music. Here's how the five most-viewed All-Star videos stack up as of Tuesday afternoon:

Kid's got a pretty good crossover. (Click graph to view each video.)