Inside YouTube Search

February 01, 2011

Every morning, we comb through YouTube's search data to investigate top spiking search terms and the videos they lead to:
  • black ops first strike - The first expansion pack for the highly successful Call of Duty: Black Ops video game was released today and searches are up for gameplay videos. Also spiking are searches for footage of the "Ascension" map.

  • rihanna s m video - Searches are on the rise for the new Rihanna music video for her song "S&M." Rihanna's last video, which was released in November, has over 100 million views.

  • death ray weapon - One of this morning's top rising searches is for this "death ray" video, a clip from last April that has suddenly accumulated over half a million views in just a few days.

  • black history month - Black History Month begins today and there's a rise in interest for related videos.