Tech Fans Seek Out Tablet Videos

January 07, 2011

One of the big technologies at the center of this week's Consumer Electronics Show came down to one word: "tablet."

A number of companies have announced new tablets coming in 2011 and related videos from CES have hit YouTube in numbers. The one of the most-viewed in the past day or so has been this announcement video for the new Android platform, which has been seen over 600,000 times:

Searches for tablet videos have increased in general of late and these CES videos could mean those numbers will continue to rise.

As our search data shows, the biggest spike in interest in "tablet" videos" came last January when Apple's iPad was announced. This fall, searches for "tablet" videos began to climb again and we may see that number increase as more tablets are officially announced and hit the market:

We'll continue keeping our eye on the new tech videos, but which videos do you think will turn out to be the most-viewed following the big show?