Montages of Life Via Your Digital Photos

January 06, 2011

A new site called Pummelvision has created an interesting surge of unique photomontages hitting the site in the past month. The online tool allows you to pull in your photos from sites like Flickr and Facebook and export a quick montage set to music, creating an interesting time-lapse of one's history in pictures. Or at least the version of history we post online.

There are around 8,200 different "pummelvision" videos posted right now with very few of them garnering more than 200 views. There's a pretty fascinating voyeuristic quality to them, as if you're taking a peak into another person's life and experiencing the only the high, photo-worthy moments: the exotic vacations, the girls' nights out, the concerts, the weddings.

Below we've collected a playlist of a few popular ones, including a montage created by Ben of Ben Does Life, who scored a viral hit earlier this year with his great video, "My 120 Pound Journey."

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here. We've also pulled out some below.)

There's more posted every few minutes, which you can find by searching "pummelvision" on YouTube.

Here's a couple of particularly unique montages from our playlist above:

A little girl grows upThe Taubertal-Festival in Germany

Collected Street Art
The life of a food lover

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