Inside YouTube Search

January 06, 2011

Every morning, we comb through YouTube's search data to investigate top spiking search terms and the videos they lead to:
  • CES 2011 - Searches are quickly on the rise for the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is currently underway. Here CNET looks at Vizio's new tablet in a popular clip.

  • three kings day - Today is the Christian feast day known as the Epiphany or "three kings day." Here's a local news clip about festivities surrounding the holiday in New Haven.

  • man with the golden voice - For the second day in a row, Ted Williams, the homeless man who became an overnight web sensation, is among our top spiking searches.

  • a day in the life of terry kennedy - There's also a spike in searches for this video of skateboarder Terry Kennedy traveling around NYC.