Australia's Justin Bieber Lookalike

January 05, 2011

Jamie Laou, a 17-year-old from Sydney who happens to look like a certain popstar, is drawing a lot of attention this week as multiple blogs have posted stories about him. Laou's using his YouTube channel, Uncompelable, to take advantage of the resemblance with a series of silly clips he's posted and an accompanying Twitter account.

Here's one of his popular videos (which contains some adult humor):

As you can see, Laou's channel is currently seeing a big spike and some of his videos have drawn over 100,000 views so far, with the largest demographic being, shockingly, girls between 13-17.

The result: a slew of Laou fan videos have hit YouTube from his new supporters. We've collected a bunch in this playlist:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here)

Laou's success shouldn't be too surprising. Justin Bieber was one of the most searched people in Australia (and the U.S.) in 2010.