What You'll Be Watching in 2011

December 23, 2010

Ok, we can't predict the future. But using YouTube's search data, we can see what 2011 videos and topics people are interested in this month.

To start: if you live in California or Virginia, you're more likely to be among those looking for 2011-related videos than other states, as those are the states where "2011" has the highest expressed interest in YouTube search.

In video, the top search term associated with "2011" this month is "trailers." So what 2011 releases are the most anticipated based on searches in the past few weeks?

Fast FiveThor

Transformers 3Scream 4

Perhaps the most-searched trailer so far is one for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, which, sadly, has yet to be produced/released.

Other things you're on the lookout for in 2011:
  • Music: Lil Wayne
  • Cars: Mustang GT
  • Video Games: Pro Evolution Soccer
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