Riding An Elevator

December 07, 2010

As a Redditer pointed out back in October, YouTube user Gluse -- his real name is Alex -- has uploaded over 500 videos with simplest of premises. He films himself riding an elevator. With a running commentary.

However strange that may sound, his channel has gradually accumulated over 4.5 million views since he opened his account almost three years ago on October 8th, 2007. The same is true for Andrew (dieselducy) who's uploaded over 1,000 videos, many of them of elevator rides. (Yes, there is more than one.)

There's also ElevatorGeek762 aka Dream Big Elevators, ElevatorDudeDave, Daniel's The Dover Channel, and pnwelevator (PacificNorthWest). Jacob (Elevator3322) puts a soundtrack to his. Dan (Transportation and Technology) gets very technical in his descriptions.

Sometimes the elevator fans film videos together:

Most of these elevator fans appear relatively young like Evan (LilRubix1) and ThyssenKrupp H8rs Associaton -- ThyssenKrupp is an elevator manufacturer -- and 10-year-old TJElevatorFan, a special young expert who makes videos with his father:

The video above is his 300th.

It's not entirely clear why they do this or how they started, but TJElevatorFan and Gluse seem content to keep making these, and they're not alone.