Kinect Hacks Captivate Tech Crowd

December 21, 2010

Microsoft's Kinect hit stores in early November as a unique new peripheral for the Xbox 360 video game console. But since that time, clever and excited fans have used drivers to hook up their Kinects to computers and created ingenius new applications for the device that have drawn tons of attention on tech sites.

They've also filmed these experiments and posted them on YouTube, creating a whole new genre of "kinect hack" videos -- many of which can be seen at this site that's been curating them. You may have seen these floating around -- Oliver Kreylos from UC Davis has posted some of the earliest and most popular ones -- but their numbers have continued to grow over the past month.

We've pulled together a playlist of the most-viewed recent "Kinect hacks" below. Together they've drawn over 6 million views: