Inside YouTube Search

December 17, 2010

Every morning, we comb through YouTube's search data to investigate top spiking search terms and the videos they lead to:
  • marching band kick - One of this morning's top searches is for this video of a very cool marching band formation from the University of Hawaii. The clip first took off earlier this week and was featured in our 4 @ 4 AM Monday morning.

  • magnolia high school - Magnolia High School in Texas created this lip-dub last week set to Katy Perry's "Firework," and it's made them one of this morning's top rising searches. The performance features over 600 students and faculty.

  • anthony pettis - Mixed martial artist Anthony Pettis won the WEC lightweight belt last night with help from an incredible kick that's fast making the rounds.

  • project for awesome 2010 - Searches are already on the rise for the latest iteration of the "Project for Awesome," a site-wide, philanthropic project/takeover started in 2007 by YouTubers the Vlog Brothers. Action will start at roughly 12pmET.