Canada's Hallelujah Becomes Big Hit

December 07, 2010

We recently wondered if the "Hallelujah" video that was shot in a Macy's department store and performed by the Opera Company of Philadelphia would be the first viral hit of the holidays. What we could never have known was that it was just the start. In the week's following, another flash-mob-style performance hit YouTube, but this time from Canada.

The video, which was shot November 13th and uploaded just under a week later, has continued to grow in popularity with nearly every passing day. Of videos uploaded in the last month, it's #4 in most views -- #1 in Canada. Yesterday, it was near the top of both our Trending and Most Shared video lists, and today, it was the morning's most popular spiking search. Here's a chart of the video's daily views:

As the holiday season gets closer to full swing, we'll be closely monitoring this and other big holiday-related videos.