Around the US: What Are Old & Young Viewers Watching?

December 29, 2010

One of the greatest parts about the YouTube Trends dashboard is the ability to dive into YouTube viewing patterns not only by location, which we've done many times on this blog before, but also by age and gender.

The two videos posted below (and yesterday's 4 @ 4s) are very popular amongst YouTube viewers on the opposite ends of the age spectrum. AT&Ts 10 minute-long documentary warning against the perils of texting while driving is very popular amongst viewers age 55+. The second video below, 9 year-old skater Starr Andrews performing to Willow Smith's popular song "Whip my Hair", is fittingly popular amongst YouTube viewers between 13 and 17 (the same viewers that drove Willow's song to YouTube stardom).

Check out the dashboard for yourself to see how other groups differ in their YouTube viewing patterns.

AT&T Don't Text While Driving:
AT&T's video warning against texting while driving
Whip my Hair Skating:
9 year-old Starr Andrews skating to "Whip my Hair"

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