Airport Chaos in Moscow

December 30, 2010

So if you thought the airport craziness this week following the blizzard in the northeast was bad, take a look at what happened in Moscow's airports this week. Following an ice/freezing rain storm, Domodedovo airport was left without power for a time causing major delays.

One YouTube user posted his two-day experience in a series of very short clips -- titled "Hell in Moscow Airport" -- which can be viewed in the playlist below. According to him, traffic jams were so bad that some cars were driving backward down the highway (first video) and thousands of people were stranded at the airport with little to no train or bus service and price-gouging taxis.

Here's more good video from after the blackout.

On top of that, long delays at a second airport, Sheremetyevo, resulted in passengers starting some sort of angry drum circle. Footage of the "revolt" was posted by some fellow travelers and is currently among the Most Viewed clips in Russia: