What You Ate for Thanksgiving

November 29, 2010

Over the previous week, there was an expected surge in Thanksgiving dinner related searches on YouTube.

The most common food search on YouTube was for "turkey," and the food search terms with the largest spike over the holidays were "carving a turkey" followed by "frying a turkey" ("stuffing" was #6). Overall, the search term with the biggest spike last week was "Black Friday."

Here's the unsurprising search curve for "turkey" from last week:

When we looked at two of the most popular cooking and carving videos, we found that the largest group of logged in users to view them were men from the 45-54 age range. Chef John's Foodwishes, one of the most popular cooking channels in YouTube, drew nearly a million views last week, with over half of them coming from men.

The states where "turkey" was the most popular? Arizona and Missouri.