Y Is for You: #10YearsofYouTube

May 26, 2015

Y may be the second to last letter in the alphabet, but it represents the most important element of YouTube: You.

Without you, there would be no tiny hamsters eating burritos, no dance evolutions, no epic leaps through the sky. There would be no one to show us what a double rainbow looks like, or how to prancercise. Our hair would be a mess and our most burning questions would go unanswered. Basically, without you, there would be no YouTube.

Over the last 10 years, you have used YouTube to share your lives with billions of people around the globe, changing the way we experience and understand the world around us. Today, you upload 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute, driving hundreds of millions of hours of video watched per day. Last year alone, you clicked “play” more than 2 trillion times - to learn, to have a laugh, to make a change, and often times, to come together to create something new.

Thank you for a decade of putting your own special You in YouTube every day. Click below to see some highlights from the many moments you have shone together on YouTube:

-- Christine Huang