S Is for Singers: #10YearsofYouTube

May 20, 2015

Whether professional, amateur or animal; auto-tuned, a capella, or lip-dubbed, singing has proven to be one of YouTube’s most popular forms of entertainment. Of the 250+ channels in the billionaire’s club (aka, those with a billion views or more) more than half are channels featuring singers and songwriters, with one of the most recent inductees being not a pop star or a top record label, but the Eurovision Song Contest, crossing the threshold on March 30.

Eurovision's milestone should come as no surprise: some of the most unforgettable performances on YouTube are not ones made by famous “billionaires,” but those made by everyday people, like Susan Boyle (24 million views), Italian Nun Cristina Scuccia (72 million views), and - once upon a time - a young, unknown phenom from Ontario (48 million views - and now 11 billion subscribers to his VEVO channel).

So here’s to all the performers out there - novice, emergent and diva - that have made the last 10 years of YouTube sing.