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April 03, 2015

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Everyone’s favorite Star Wars robot has finally found love. This short fan film follows R2-D2 through the highs and lows of his passionate relationship with a local mailbox and ultimately, what one droid will do to find his true love. Think “Walle,” meets “Star Wars,” meets “You’ve Got Mail,” and just try not to fall for this three minute heartwarmer. The film is a collaboration between director Evan Atherton, the R2 Builders’ Club, and Lucasfilm effects artist Landis Fields, who actually took time off from working on “The Force Awakens” to work on this short. This past weekend, the film debuted at the Sonoma International Film Festival before being uploaded onto Atherton’s personal YouTube channel where it has since received extensive news coverage and fan support.

 Mime Through Time Map by SketchSHE

The Australian female comedy trio SketchSHE have done it again, gaining over 8M in just 72 hours for their video “Mime Through Time." Like in their hit “Bohemian Carsody” of a few weeks ago (which has amassed over 19M views and continues to climb), "Mime Through Time" is an impressive display of the various talents of SketchSHE, including choreographed dance routines, costume changes, and very serious pantomiming of popular songs all from the seats of their parked car. But “Mime Through Time” takes it to the next level with group members Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison covering not just one song but many - with styles spanning the seven decades from the 1940s to now. With this latest installment, the trio has now amassed over 24.1M views  - a massive number for a channel less than four months old.

Sia- Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

Yesterday, Sia released "Big Girls Cry," the third in her series of mesmerizing music videos starring the inimitable Maddie Ziegler. The video is a departure from Sia's previous pieces, featuring her young dance muse not in motion, but rather, standing in one place, reflecting the song's sentiments through facial expressions and wild gesturing of her hands and feet. Even without elaborate choreography and lyrical movement, "Big Girls Cry" is on track to becoming another Sia hit - receiving nearly 5M views in less than 24 hours.

Darude - Sandstorm

Did you mean -
"Darude: Sandstorm by Darude?" Cuuuz... we're pretty sure you did. ;) As part of this year's April Fool's Day celebration, we decided to add a little nineties trance / niche memery to your day (you're welcome!). Through a bit of heavy-handed recommending, a couple of nifty new features, and some very clever social, this 15 year old electronica earworm resurfaced as one of the top viewed videos of April 1, coming in at no. 16 with 1.9M+ views - just above "Chandelier" and "FourFiveSeconds." The day also proved to be the video's best performing ever by a long shot, receiving ~1500% more views on April 1st than its second best day - March 6 2015, when it received ~126k views.

- Christine Huang & Carly Lanning
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