Trending This Week: 'Star Wars,' Seinfeld, and Miranda Sings

December 05, 2014

With the year dwindling down to its last embers, we affixed our eyes to the screen and feasted on these viral beauts this week:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

Unless you’re living in another galaxy, you’ve probably gotten wind that there’s a new "Star Wars" installment in the works. Released last weekend, the first trailer (aka 90 seconds of pure nerd bliss) was so widely viewed that Time declared that “basically everyone has seen [it].” It got 60 million views across the official trailers, and better yet, it’s been wondrously parodied and remixed: check out the Lego, Wes Anderson, and George Lucas fan takes.

Miranda Sings - Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Jerry Seinfeld and Miranda Sings

What do you get when you cross a 20th century comedy legend with a tween idol? You get ... this. In the latest episode of his web series, Jerry Seinfeld enlisted Miranda Sings, an offbeat, you-won’t-get-it-but-your-kids-will character created by actress Colleen Ballinger, who’s a bonafide YouTube sensation with 2.7 million subs and counting. Apparently, Seinfeld’s kids begged him to collaborate with Miranda, and the pairing was a hit: later in the week, they took their bit to Fallon for a cringe-worthy (and great) game of Pictionary, which picked up over 2 million views.

One of the unique afflictions of life at YouTube is pervasive earworm (I’m looking at you, Meghan Trainor); nonetheless, we jumped at the opportunity to relive all the songs that got stuck in our head this year. The aptly named DJ Earworm has made an annual pop mashup for the past seven years, and this year’s installment is just as clever, nostalgic, and--yes--CATCHY as ever.

Brittany Boll - Waking up our puppy to his favorite song

We literally can’t let go of “Let it Go.” This year’s entry into the annals of "Frozen"-inspired video history features the film’s furriest, snooziest fan. Guess mornings never bothered him anyway :)

-- Claire Stapleton