Trending This Week on YouTube: Would You Date a Homeless Millennial?

September 19, 2014

Ah, autumn. The air’s as crisp as an apple, and the vids are as fresh as a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (or something like that). On the Spotlight channel, we studied the mysteries of body language and hopped atop a wallaby in celebration of the Aussie invasion.

And here’s what else slaked our thirst for video refreshment:

Elite Daily - Homeless Millennial Survives By Picking Up Women Every Night

This piece of docu-journalism about a homeless kid and his decidedly millennial approach to making ends meet set the Internet aflame this week. Thought-provoking, strange, and totally dark, the video’s had 3.5 million views since it was published on Monday and is a breakout hit for the “Voice of Generation Y” blog (it’s their first video to crack a million views).

Race the Tube - Sprint

Superhuman feats are no stranger to YouTube. While there’s generally a strong chance that the human’s going to clinch the challenge (since it was, um, uploaded to YouTube), the suspense never ceases to get our hearts pumpin’. This week, a crazy runner took on London’s tube with a camera strapped to his head, and the result’ll will leave you breathless (or at least motivate a gym visit).

Sesame Street - Lupita N’yongo Loves Her Skin

Eternal kids fave "Sesame Street" sees grown-up numbers on their YouTube channel: their videos had gotten over 250 million views so far this year. They made a splash earlier this week with “Star S’Mores” (a lovable "Star Wars" parody), but it was Lupita N’yongo’s riff on skin with Elmo that captured our hearts. Check out more cute celebrity "Sesame" appearances (featuring the likes of Jon Hamm, Anna Kendrick, and Peter Dinklage) in this playlist.

Prankdialz - Pretending to be Humans of New York

Photographer Brandon Stanton has one of the most buzzed-about photography projects of recent memory with Humans of New York. The cultish HONY following was ripe for some good-natured ribbing, and this week, it came in the form of this prankster who hit the streets of Manhattan. But we’d never throw shade on the actual guy behind HONY: here’s his awesome story.

-- Claire Stapleton
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