Batman wins YouTube: Our top 10 most popular superheroes

August 07, 2013

If YouTube popularity can determine who’ll win in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, your views and uploads put Batman as the clear winner. Based on keyword searches, Batman is the most popular of all superheroes on YouTube, with more than 3 billion views of 71,000 hours of video. Following Batman is Thor, Superman, Iron Man, The Avengers, and Wolverine -- the rest of the list is below. Collectively, the top 10 superheroes alone account for more than 10 billion views and 234,000 hours of video.

Superhero(es)ViewsHours of video
Iron Man1,400,00000020,000
The Avengers1,000,000,00031,000
Spider Man340,000,0007,400
Captain America280,000,0004,900
Justice League220,000,0003,200

While Batman also takes the top overall spot for searches, the Dark Knight has been overtaken in searches by Thor, Iron Man and The Avengers since 2008.

The top videos for each superhero are a mix of popular movie trailers, video game play, fan originals and more - check the playlist of the top 10 here: