The Popular Trailers of 2012 So Far: Avengers, Hunger Games

March 02, 2012

Now that the Academy Awards has taken place, it's time to shift focus to what some might consider the other end of the spectrum: the 2012 slate of blockbuster movies. There are plenty of films to look forward to this year, but by trailer popularity there are two big-time adaptations fans are hotly anticipating...

In 2012, the two top searches associated with trailers on YouTube so far are for Hunger Games, out later this month, and Marvel's The Avengers.

Searches for The Avengers hit their largest spike back in October, when the first trailer was released. It's since been seen over 10 million times. There have been subsequent spikes when their Super Bowl trailer ran and this week when a new longer version was released. This new one has been seen over 4 million times in just two days.

The adaptation of the young-adult novel Hunger Games also saw its first spike in buzz this past fall, with initial trailer hitting the web in November. A new trailer was released in February that's racked up over 6 million views.

The fastest rising "trailer" search so far has been Chronicle, which was released last month and also had a very popular first trailer.

We're only two months in, so we'll have to check back closer to the summer to see how things have changed.