Kids and Sports: There's No Crying in Baseball... But Football's Fair Game

December 06, 2011

This post was co-authored by Will Goodman, managing editor of's The Feed, and Bailey Johnson, Editor of's The Feed and Sports, for a YouTube Trends series exploring viral video phenomena.

Tom Hanks once famously said in the film A League of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball!” And while it may be (mostly) true for baseball, it’s a whole different story when it comes to kids and football on YouTube. Football fans come in all shapes and sizes - and ages. These kids may not understand an onside kick or a Cover-2 defense, but they understand the one thing that counts the most: losing sucks. And then the tears start. For this week's trend, we're lining up at 1st-and-10 to look at pint-sized pigskin fans in tears.

Let's kick off with the most recent video to go viral in what has become a whole series of kids expressing their passion and disappointment when it comes to sports. There are plenty of fully-grown men who feel as passionately about Tom Brady as this tyke does. They just usually don't express themselves in quite the same octave. But like any major trend, this one is not just limited to the East Coast or boys crying over their team losing.

That’s right, this is a trend that covers all genders, coasts and ages (all the way from pre-school to middle school). This broken-hearted Vikings fan just can't believe what those mean ol' Packers did to her team. But at least she doesn't live on the West Coast, where there is a team that may very well feast on the tears of small children...

They dress in black, they have a history of heavily penalized players, and their mascot is a wacko with an eye-patch. Oh, Raiders, why must you make so many children cry? Sure, but we’ve only seen one child crying over them so far, you’re thinking. And you’d be right, so let’s roll the next clip so we can accurately say children in terms of the Raiders trend.

So there you have it. Sports can bring many people to tears, but only children - as they so often do - express what we're all feeling. And we've only focused on one sport. There is a wealth of sport-related childhood heartbreak online. (Spoiler alert: there is crying in baseball.)

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