Bieber's 'Mistletoe' Helps Push Him Over 2 Billion

November 01, 2011

The video for Justin Bieber's Christmas single "Mistletoe" hit the web on October 18th -- one of two big videos to debut that week -- and it's picked up over 28 million views since. "Mistletoe" was one of the top rising searches globally on YouTube over the past 30 days and the video has been near the top of YouTube's music charts for the past two weeks.

Bieber is one of a few artists to have over 1 billion views, and, sometime on Sunday, Bieber's music video channel crossed the 2 billion view threshold. "Baby" was the most-viewed music video of 2010 and still averages hundreds of thousands of views per day.

Below you can track the views for Bieber's new single. While the biggest spike was, naturally, when it debuted, the video is averaging over one million views per day.