YouTube Videos Up The Wedding Proposal Ante For Everyone

October 12, 2011

This post was authored by Will Goodman, managing editor of's The Feed, for a YouTube Trends series exploring viral video phenomena.

What’s a guy got to do to get engaged these days? If the slew of proposal videos we’ve seen recently are any judge, the answer is “a lot.” Recently we’ve seen engagement videos with more than just a ring and a knee involved. Folks are breaking out music, dance routines, art and even special effects in their quest for matrimonial bliss. Luckily, all of them have ended with a “yes” and (hopefully) happily ever after to them. Well, almost all of them.

Disney Wedding Proposal

We posted this first video on The Feed the other week and it blew up instantly. And why wouldn’t it? With an incredible set-up, some amazing dance choreography, multiple video angles, and a tear-jerker of an ending; seriously, what more could you ask for from a video? The video is currently at 1.8 million views.

UCLA Wedding Proposal

And at nearly the same time as the “Disney Wedding Proposal,” this very similar video hit the Internet. Once again, great dance choreography and an incredible set-up were in place. Unfortunately, it may have been slightly overshadowed by “Disney”. A good example of how timing is everything. The video is currently at 1.4 million views.

But there's more.

Wall Mural Wedding Proposal

This gem caught our attention early on in the summer and was one of the firsts towards grand gestures in wedding proposals. While not garnering nearly the attention or views as the previous two, this artistic expression of love might have been the beginning of the trend and so is a good one to identify. The video is currently at 375,000 views.

Movie Trailer Wedding Proposal

And at around the same time as the “Wall Mural Wedding Proposal,” we saw a movie trailer hit that just screamed “romance!” This creative approach towards popping the question went with production value and surprise instead of song and dance, again, and became the must-see, blockbuster proposal of the summer.

Food Court Proposal Gone Bad

And to show that not all grand gestures necessarily lead to success, we feel obligated to show “Food Court Proposal Gone Bad” as our final example. While it had all the right elements in place, the proposal ended in tears. Though before you feel too bad for the young man in love, I would note that there is a good possibility that this video was fake, which happens to be another trend we’ve seen in some of these videos.

With the bar set this high, I wouldn’t be surprised if more traditional proposals are met with a puzzled look and response of, “Is that it?” My advice: hire a dance crew or band to wait in the wings just in case. You never know when you might need to step up your game at the last second when it comes to love.

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